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How to Get Started

Natural Energy is here to make switching to solar simple. We will walk you through each step of the way to your installation and savings!

System Sizing & Financing

First, meet with one of our solar consultants to begin assessing your switch to a money saving solar system. Your consultant will review your current and past electrical usage to determine what type of solar system is needed to meet your needs.  Once solar system plans are agreed upon, we will secure financing and a payment plan you are comfortable with. We offer the widest variety of finance options with no $0 down, and programs for every budget and roof regardless of your credit. Set up your consultation here.

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What Happens Next

Design & Permitting

Once we have determined your solar needs and have established a finance plan, we send a solar expert to your home to survey the roof and appropriate areas for solar placement. We gather all the necessary information to install a solar system custom fit to your needs. Then we take this information to our engineers to design a complete plan for your solar system. After the plans are complete, and up to your local building codes, we submit them for your permit. 

Installation & PTO

Almost there! Upon the approval of your permit, we can begin the solar installation on your home! When the installation is complete we submit all of the necessary paperwork to have an inspector approve your solar system. As soon as this is approved, you are ready to start saving money! 

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